About us

Who we are

Fresh Organic Choice is a specialized trading company with 100% focus on freshly cut organic herbs. We strive to supply you with organic quality herbs all year round. We work with various growers in various areas around the world, preferably as close as possible to 'home' to ease your mind, so that you can buy a fresh assortment of organic herbs daily or several times a week, without having to worry about the stock and spoilage.

Our goal is to remain distinctive in the market and to respond well to the needs of customers and consumers. We achieve this by communicating with local and international platforms of fruit and vegetables and also exploring new markets and cultivation areas, as we already do in Tunisia, Ghana, Ethiopia.

Cooperation with growers

We collaborate with renowned organic growers from various countries in Europe who are all organic and Global G.A.P. certified. These countries include Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. 90% of our organic herbs originate from these countries. Many of our herbs are grown on a contract basis and part is bought in the free market. We strive to produce as much 'local product' as possible in the summer season.

Cultivation projects Ethiopia and Ghana

The project in Ghana is co-developed and subsidized by Ghana-veg and the Dutch government / industry (including Fresh Organic Choice) and in collaboration with the N.A.B.C. to stimulate employment and combat poverty. Research has shown that Ghana has good opportunities for organic and sustainable agricultural cultivation.
The project in Ethiopia is made possible by Oxfamnovib and other NGOs: these help local farmers to grow their products under the guidance of local cultivation experts, they are also assisted with organic certification and they also receive financial and social support . With the aim of a chance for a better future for their families, education for their children. From the growers' organization, the plant is made available as a martial and cultivation programs are drawn up in consultation with the buyers. The farmers are paid a price in advance of 15-20% above the local market price.

Dutch knowledge about the process chain is of great value in nursery areas in and outside Europe. This allows us to substantially increase self-reliance in countries across the sea. "We commit ourselves to various cultivation projects in Europe and Africa. "In this way we realize a strong synergy between all parties involved. With knowledge transfer in one hand and by bringing grower together with suppliers (seed, plant protection products) in the other, we bring supply and demand together.

We have drawn up the following starting points:

1. Health
Fresh Organic Choice strives together with suppliers for the health of soil, plants, animals, humans and the planet, as an indivisible whole to maintain and strengthen it.

2. Ecology
All organic fresh herbs that Fresh Organic Choice sells are based on living ecological systems and cycles, cooperate with these systems, strengthen and maintain them.

3. Care
The organic fresh herbs that Fresh Organic Choice purchases are cultivated with care and responsibility in accordance with the suppliers, in order to protect the health and well-being of current and future generations and their living environment.

4. Reasonableness
Fresh Organic Choice strives with tits partners to guarantee regularity with regard to the common environment and development opportunities